“Minty Green”

Hey lovies,

Glad the weekend is finally here. It has been a long week filled with new beginnings. I am so happy I finally launched this blog and I am very excited to see where it leads. Considering the fact that I am a certified procrastinator, I am even more proud of myself for setting a goal by writing it down, giving myself a deadline and working fervently towards accomplishing that goal. It is amazing how a little dedication can help make a tremendous difference.


“When you are not afraid of change, barriers become invisible and you become invincible. “



Today I wore a pair of mint denim with a multicolored blouse from H&M. It is actually a light jacket that came with a black fabric belt but I wore as a blouse with my own belt. Since the fabric is very thin, I also added a long sleeve shirt under for warmth. The yellow and lavender butterflies on it are so cute, aren’t they?


Outfit details: Blouse: H&M (old) | Pants: D’or L’ D’or (Small boutique on in NY & NJ) Similar here (J. Crew 50% off) | Pumps: Call it Spring (an Aldo company) | Purse: Olivia & Joy (available in 4 colors) One thing about this purse, it is a pain to get it to close and remain closed. This is due to the twist- lock closure it features.


Thank you for reading. Until next time 🙂


Be bold. Be Fearless. Be VersiColor.


Photography by Nathalie Jean Baptiste

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