“All black summer solstice”

“Style is innate and ingrained. It’s not something you can buy. It’s unforced and natural. You have to find what about style is a part of you” -James Wilson

Happy Friday & happy first day of summer everyone! Two great reasons to be happy today. The best season of the year is upon us and today is also the longest day of the year! Make the most of it 🙂


I am so in love with high waist pants but I’ve always thought they looked better on curvy girls. I figured if I wait for my body to become curvy, then I will never wear a pair. So here is my first one. What are your thoughts?!









Photography: Nathalie JB

These last two pictures are my new favorites. My photographer is convinced that Miss VersiColor herself looks great in black. Flattering indeed but black is a rare color for me to wear especially because it’s slimming. I just cannot afford to look any slimmer than I already am. Lol!

Outfit details: Hight waist trousers: Thrifted – similar here. American Apparel has various high waisted styles; though a bit on the pricey side, they fit well on most if not all body types | Crop top: Necessary Clothing – Worn differently in this post – similar one available here | Leopard heels: Charlotte Russe (old) – similar here on sale in 3 colors| Bag: Michael Kors | Necklace: gifted | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Cole Haan

Thank you all for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend!




  1. 07/13/2015 / 4:42 AM

    OMG your so beautiful and so stylish nice fashion plus you look good in black.I hope my blog photoshoots will be great as yours 🙂
    Do btw I hope you follow me Lol I’m A Tanzanian

    • 07/21/2015 / 1:55 PM

      Awww 🙂 thank you so much Rahma. You are a sweetheart. I will be sure to check out your blog. Xoxo 🙂

      • 07/21/2015 / 2:23 PM

        Thank you too miss 🙂

  2. 06/25/2013 / 5:42 PM

    Great look! I think the high waist looks good on you!

    • 06/25/2013 / 5:50 PM

      Thank you beautiful. I’m glad I tried them. It’s good to take a risk sometimes right?! 😉

  3. Anonymous
    06/24/2013 / 7:46 AM

    Lovely outfit.

    Love your blog! got to you from Brenda of SkinnyBish.

    Following 🙂


    • 06/24/2013 / 10:06 AM

      Thanks so much doll;) Brenda is too kind. Gotta love her! Xoxo;)

  4. 06/21/2013 / 3:08 PM

    I love the outfit!! 🙂 You look gorgeous!!
    Where is your belt from? I didn’t see it at the bottom.
    Thanks so much!

    • 06/21/2013 / 3:28 PM

      Thanks so much beautiful;) the belt actually came from a dress and I love the tassel on it so much that I now use it to wear with everything but I will be sure to update the post in case I find something similar. Thanks for stopping by!

      • 06/21/2013 / 8:01 PM

        Yes, the tassel is nice!!
        Thanks so much 🙂

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