“Pastels & whites”

“Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.” – Christopher Morley

Hello everyone,

I have been gone for so long so it’s safe to say that you guys miss me; come on! Admit it. Lol!

After some time in Florida and transitioning to a new photographer for the blog, I am glad to be getting back to my regular posting schedule.

These photos were taken a few weeks back and I have since changed my hair. I loved the bob but I couldn’t do anything else to it except letting it down so back to longer tresses I go.

I absolutely love the color of my jeans. I’m almost always tempted to color block when I wear them (previously seen here) because I think it’s so much fun to pair different shades of pastels together. If you’re unsure which colors complement each other, color blocking with pastels is definitely the easiest way to test the waters because you simply cannot go wrong with any pairings in such soft shades.  

Top & Denim: { Forever 21 }
Blazer & Heels: { Zara } Both sold out
Bracelet/Ring: { Aldo }
Sunglasses: { Jessica Simpson } They have since been broken. RIP 🙁










Don’t you just love the details in the back of this Zara blazer?!

Photos taken by: Nathalie JB & Edited by: Bc Oy Photography

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Thank you all for stopping by and remember to keep shooting no matter the circumstances you face. Pedal to the metal 🙂


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