“Wardrobe remix: 1 blazer, 3 ways”

Yellow blazer 3 ways
If you’re trying to go unnoticed, yellow is a color you do not want to wear because it sure cries out for attention. Commonly associated with wealth, sunshine, happiness, and optimism, I find it to be such a happy color which can brighten up your day and the mood of those around you.

This Zara blazer which comes in such a bright hue, is an old purchase that I just cannot get enough of. It has come in handy in various looks as you will see in this post and no matter the season, I will keep it in heavy rotation. Black trousers + pink croptop + yellow blazer (11)

1. Pocket full of sunshine

2. Bumble bee

Floral jumpsuit + fitted blazer (6)

 3. Floral jumpsuit

The outfit details for each of the above photos can be found by clicking on the post titles. If you’re interested in a bright yellow blazer to take your neutral and pastel spring looks to another level, try the following options: here, here, here and here.

Thank you all for reading.

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  1. 06/10/2014 / 10:12 AM

    My favourite colour! Floral jumpsuit wins. followed by bumble bee:)

    • 06/10/2014 / 1:26 PM

      Such a happy color right?! Gotta love it! Thx beautiful 😉

  2. cheri406
    06/05/2014 / 1:27 AM

    Completely Agree! Smiley Faces have always been yellow, heck I even painted my kitchen Yellow! Girl, you have a Super eye for details … notice Pink was in all three outfits! Love it with green too … and most other colors!

    You got me thinking! (not sure my thinking is legal in most states) lol 😉

    Thanks Edwina! Have a Fantabulous Day! =D

    • 06/05/2014 / 1:48 AM

      A yellow kitchen sounds great. I love it when people aren’t afraid of color!

      I noticed pink was in all three after I created the collage. Lol gotta switch it up next time. Yellow goes with an array of colors.

      Keep thinking girl. Legal or not. lol thanks for stopping by!

      • cheri406
        06/06/2014 / 2:54 AM

        I didn’t it (pink) in a negative way! Sorry if it sounded like that! o_O Pink and Yellow really compliment one another!

        What did I say about my thinking??? lol

    • 06/04/2014 / 12:10 PM

      Girl u love all colors. You’re not part of the group I’m trying to convince to be versicolor. Lol bye! Haha 😉

      • 06/04/2014 / 12:11 PM

        Lmaoooo I don’t need convincing; I just appreciate these colorsvery much! Anyone that doesn’t love colors is missing something very important in life – happiness! Lol

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