“Backless midi dress”

“Sometimes, no matter how rational, right, calm, emotional or justified you are, you can’t win. Walk away!” – UnknownAsos black and white backless midi dress (10)

Asos black and white backless midi dress (2) Asos black and white backless midi dress (3) Asos black and white backless midi dress (4) Asos black and white backless midi dress (5) Asos black and white backless midi dress (7) Asos black and white backless midi dress (11)Asos black and white backless midi dress (8) Asos black and white backless midi dress (9)Asos black and white backless midi dress (6) Asos black and white backless midi dress (12) Asos black and white backless midi dress (13)

Outfit details:
Asos midi dress – similar here (less than $20!) // Zigi heels – in black // Michael Kors Selma bag // Michael Kors rose gold watch

Although I titled this post backless midi dress, I’m just now realizing that I didn’t really post many shots from the back to showcase the sexy low cut. Bummer! At any rate, you guys are now familiar with my love for everything midi length. I feel that they’re so appropriate for work, church and even to grab some drinks. That definitely helps with maximizing the versatility of your closet. I’m so done buying mini anything. I told you guys I was getting old. This is another proof. Lol! There’s nothing wrong with aging in style though 🙂

When I’m really in love with something, I wear it nonstop until I get it out of my system so please bare with me until I retire this purse and these shoes seen in every single one of my recent posts. #SorryNotSorry 🙂

Which reminds me: earlier this week, I came home from dinner with an old college friend and had to literally take off my BCBG heels (seen here), and throw them in the garbage:( It was such a heartbreaking moment but I literally wore them these past 4 years until they ripped. #RIP to my fab shoes. Time to order some more especially since there ae sales everywhere these days. ( Think Zara, Net a Porter, Victoria’s Secret, Asos, Topshop etc…)

Do you guys have any items in your closet that you can’t get enough of? I know I can’t be the only one.


Photography by Maliny Collections


  1. 11/25/2014 / 1:39 AM

    Really this dress looks super good on you. This backless midi dress color is amazing and beautiful. I love this type of print dress and backless design also. When my friends wear this dress she feels smooth and comfortable. If you want to see the more different design of women dresses, visit here: http://www.rockafrock.com. It is the best online shopping store.

  2. cheri406
    06/27/2014 / 3:33 AM

    Yep I’m guilty too! A pair of brown Blahnik slingbacks that I thrifted 4+ years ago for seventy five dollars! Those babies are so comfy and have been resoled twice! Along with wrinkle resistant linen pants/skirts and a couple of bags that stay in rotation!

    Virtual, out of this world … me? Lol In ways you remind me of some Very Special people in my life that have passed! They’re Perfect now and I thank God for them and Eternal Life!

    May have to rethink this if you let Sheila (Kreyola) up in here! 😉 Just kidding she’s a Sweetie, but I didn’t say it! 🙂 ha ha

    Seriously those pumps and bag are the ish! Never apologize about yourself! Nice Dress and for an old lady you Really Rock it! 🙂 LMBO You set yourself up for that one! Whatever happen to Maturity?

    Have a Great Day Edwina! =D

    • 06/30/2014 / 5:28 PM

      You always have me dying of laughter. Lol

      Are you a blogger?

      • cheri406
        07/01/2014 / 4:48 AM

        Thank you so Much Girl! That’s my goal to leave a Smile on Everyone … even if … you know? Nope. I was going to give it a try, but my career keeps me busy often enough. I do Admire those of you that do! A blogger is a Fulltime Job … can only Imagine how y’all do it???

        Like you I modeled. Mostly as a backup/substitute. Honestly it wasn’t into it, people tugging, touching and rushing me, tomboy all the way and yet a for Love Fashion … yep a real paradox o_O But I was paid vs paying photographers 😉

        My Aunt and Uncle raised me from early teens and up. Uncles Mother became my Real Mommy! Became Saved! She and my Aunt are the Sweetest Souls! 🙂 My Aunt passed passed in January 07 and Real Mommy January this year. Doctors, nurses called Mommy the cat woman! She was given up for dead and Never Quit! She and my Aunt … can’t say how Especially Precious They Are! 🙂

        Miss them? Every moment! Wish them back on earth? Never! Love them too Much to so selfish!

        Edwina, I see allot of them in you and others, and you and others in them! If you only knew just how Blessed I am and Feel! And if you Ever feel sorry for me … Girl don’t make me go bad again! Lol 😉

        Way too much info!

        Have a Beautiful Day! =D

        • 07/02/2014 / 11:32 AM


          Glad you’re coping well and have accepted their departure to eternal life. May they continue to watch over you and may you continue to make them proud 😉 xoxo! Be blessed!

    • 06/26/2014 / 3:22 PM

      Thanks so much my dear Sarah.

      There are plenty of other heels to be bought. I won’t mourn too long lol

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