“Classic edge”

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson

Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (13)

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve last blogged and for someone who tries to remain pretty consistent with her self-imposed blogging duties, that’s a pretty long time. My absence has been due to various reasons among which schedule conflicts, lack of inspiration and fatigue play a big part. But during these past few weeks, I have also felt helpless – and how can you inspire others when you’re not feeling optimistic? I’ve been feeling helpless for my brothers (and sisters) dying left and right, unjustly, here in the US and all over the world. When there is a problem in my life, I pray first, then I do my part in trying to fix them. But with the issues we’re seeing in the news lately, I just feel that our ‘social media rallying’ – though it raises awareness, does nothing else to solve problems. So what else can be done to restore justice where injustice prevails?
I’ll just keep PUSHing (Pray Until Something Happens).

Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (14) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (1) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (2) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (4) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (5)

Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (3) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (6) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (7) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (8) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (9) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (10) Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (11)Cigarette trousers: H&M – lovely option (on sale!) – also styled here // Flats: Banana Republic – love these // Bow tie: c/o Tol’s creations

After I put this outfit on (made perfect by my absolutely amazing Tol’s creations bow tie) – I proceeded to choosing which heels to pair with it and these Banana Republic flats stopped me dead in my tracks and said ‘wear me’:) I hesitated at first then put them on and when I looked in the mirror, I saw Janelle Monae, one of my all times favorite celebrity style crush. Ha! I was even asking myself how would Janelle pose if she was shooting this look. It’s definitely not my typical outfit but I love the change and so did all the people who complimented me on my way to and from work the other day. It’s office attire with a classic edge and of course infused with print and color – the Versicolor way. Printed trousers & bedazzled tie (12) http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54492-208-2BE9EA5910352CB0FC7DC23983761947


  1. cheri406
    08/28/2014 / 4:49 AM

    The on Positive side … Girl, you are the ish! This is One Very Creative Look! Bow tie is just too Cute! Like your Hair! Button down, pants, ring, earrings, bracelet … and bow pumps! We all know you could Never pass by a pair of bow pumps! 😉 Edgy, Gorgeous and dang near Perfection!!!!! 🙂 Good to see your mug and grille … brings a smile and Inspiration to the rest of us! 🙂

    Yeah it is Totally Depressing! 🙁 A “friend???” said ” you know I’m not prejudice, but …” Oh did I give her the side eye in my mind! 🙁 But I maintained, calmly explained quite a few Facts … as we have way beyond often enough! 🙁 I know no matter what the glass is always full. Just try to Open one mind at a time.

    Because it’s so depressing I quit watching news on TV years ago. I know sisters and brothers that watch certain networks and get so upset! I read/watch online so it’s easier to edit out biased coverage!

    Keep the Faith and PUSHing Edwina! 🙂 They can Hurt even Kill us! They can Never take away our Faith! Our Fathers name is Hallowed not hollowed! We are in the Loving and Beautiful Hands of God where All things are Possible! 🙂 We know Jesus Prays for each of us! 🙂

    I can never express myself adequately … but we’re all feeling it! Like they haven’t ever stopped lynching us and they just don’t get it! Remember Faith is the answer not the crabs in the barrel!

    God Bless! Positive Thoughts Edwina! Have a Stress Free Week! 🙂

    • 08/29/2014 / 12:22 AM

      Awwww 🙂 thx so much hun. The look came about totally by accident. Lol

      And yes! I couldn’t have said it better. We can’t let the world change our smiles so we shall work twice as hard for our smiles to change the world instead 🙂 be blessed!

      I’ve missed your comments. Hope all is well on your end 🙂

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