“Coordinating in Palm print”

“Your personality is a hint into your purpose. What you can’t stand is what you’re called to fix” – TD Jakes
Palm print co-ords set (1)

Happy Friday dolls!

I wore this pretty palm print matching set for a dinner and bar hopping event during my stay in Aruba last week. After being picked up at my hotel in a colorful and wild party bus, we proceeded to our first stop which was to watch the sunset by the beach near the California Lighthouse. I mean what could beat being in great company, watching the sunset, with a glass of champagne on hand, without a care in the world?! Such unforgettable moments ought to be savored.

Outfit details: Missguided Crop top // Missguided skirt // Zara heels // Primadonna earrings

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Shortly after leaving this island where they only get about 1.3 inches of rain yearly and where the weather NEVER drops below 80 degrees, I was back in NY. My getaway went by so quickly and to add insult to injury, each NY morning feels as if we have skipped fall in NY and transitioned directly into winter; but come mid-afternoon, it feels like summer again. Oh the confusion! Palm print co-ords set (11)

Thank you all for reading! May your weekend be nothing short of fabulous and filled with unforgettable moments.

With love,


Photo: Maliny Collections


  1. 07/05/2015 / 11:48 PM

    I just did a post on a palm print romper! Obsessed with the print!

    • 07/06/2015 / 10:24 AM

      I’ll be sure to check yours out. Can’t go wrong with that print. Perfect for summer! 😉

    • 10/06/2014 / 1:43 AM

      They really have a nice affordable collection 🙂 thanks dear!

  2. cheri406
    09/20/2014 / 5:07 AM

    Been a minute … Gurl, if you get any skinnier will have to give ya the dreaded side eye! Nah just cu! 🙂 Missed you a Bunch!

    Dang it Edwina I need to practice what I Preach! When last we spoke all the Tragic things had you down and basically I told you to get over it … in a little nicer maybe. With every new story (read too much) it kept bring me down to the point it made social life … nearly impossible! My first time seriously experiencing depression … not pretty! I Turned to Your Expert Advice and kept PUSHING!! Now it’s (depression) is gone! Praise God 🙂

    Hope we Never grow Intolerant of the Evil Atrocities that occur on earth, but being Extra Hard Headed it took much Prayer to remind me that we’re all in the Beautiful Loving Hands of our Father and with the Love of Jesus you know? 🙂 #teamblessed

    You look Glam as Ever! If we could open a bottle Magical Haitian Glam (inner & outer) and take drink! Love the palm set, bold watch, cool earrings and those Cute Zara sandals! 😉 #classygurl

    Thrilled for ya as it sounds like you had a Delightful Vacy! 😉 Aruba isn’t that south of Haiti? Yeah back to reality … but I’m remaining Positive! Perhaps living in Warm and Sunny So Cal our issue is this Drought, Wildfires and an occasional EQ! Did I mention Warm and Sunny??? Not being one to rub it (Warm and Sunny) in 😉 Ijs LOL

    Great to see your Infectious Smile! TY ever so much! 🙂 May your Weekend be as Dazzling as You! =D

    • 09/23/2014 / 3:38 PM

      Lol I hope it doesn’t look like I’m skinnier cause I sure didn’t lose a pound.

      U actually recall that post uh?! It’s good to know that my readers don’t just read to read but actually grasp the message. To PUSH is a theory that will never be obsolete. It applies to every life situation. Stay blessed girl.

      Thanks so much for all the compliments. Really warms my heart 🙂

      Aruba is in the southern Caribbean Sea indeed but it’s a Dutch island. Def always warm n sunny. I’m def hating on the blazing heat you guys have in So Cal but u can keep all those earthquakes and wildfires over there lol I’m not about that life.

      Good to hear from u doll. Be well 😉

  3. 09/19/2014 / 11:39 AM

    You’re such a model, gorgeous! LOVE EVERYTHING, and I really like how you contrasted a spark of color with your pink shoes xxxx

  4. 09/19/2014 / 10:28 AM

    You are WERKING it as usual!


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