“Office attire”

“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.” –Ralph Marston

Office attire (1)

Hello my beautiful readers!

It may seem as if I have been neglecting this beloved blog of mine as of late but when one of my followers asked me if I have shut Versicolor Closet down, I knew I needed to make my presence felt again in the blogosphere. Fear not darlings! For as long as I can prevent it, this little diary of mine isn’t going anywhere. However, I only want to blog when I feel that I have a message that is worth your time or a look that can inspire some of you especially during these colder months. I’ve been feeling quite uninspired myself so it was necessary that I stepped away to refresh and get my creative juices flowing again. With that said, I am back and I’ve certainly missed you all. 

You guys have seen this gorgeous dress in this post, where I wore it for a wedding earlier this year when the temps were much more pleasant. I’ve decided to make a few tweaks so that I could wear it to work. With a head full of curls, a pair of chandelier earrings, a much needed pair of tights for warmth and also a shirt underneath, I have managed to get this Zara number to be fall / winter ready and office appropriate. So if you had tucked away all your summer dresses, please rethink that thought because you sure can take ’em out for a spin if styled appropriately. 

Office attire (2) Office attire (3) Office attire (4) Office attire (5) Office attire (6) Office attire (7) Office attire (8) Office attire (9) Office attire (10) Office attire (11)

I love the contrast of the bright color of the purse against the otherwise blueish attire. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and won’t hesitate to do the same and put all your pretty dresses to good use this season.

Outfit details:
ZARA skater dress (old) // H&M button down (old) // BOUTIQUE9 heels (old) // CHARLOTTE RUSSE rings earrings // MICHAEL KORS watch

Until next time,



  1. cheri406
    12/03/2014 / 4:18 AM

    Hey Sis Loving that Do! 🙂 It’s so Refreshing to see ya! Always difficult for me to determine which is more Inspiring your Lovely Words n Wit or that Infectious Smile of yours … or maybe the Great Styling ideas you give us??? ha ha

    Yeah still reading just seems like I’ve been juggling 10 plates with one hand lately … besides consider me being quite yet a another Blessing … or that seventh Prayer answered! Still LMBO over that one, especially asking the same one seven times … a little insurance never hurts! 🙂

    Thrilled you’re back, but glad the Wisdom your Mommy instilled in you and your Faith allows you to keep it real! If ya aren’t feeling it you shouldn’t post. Quality over quantity! Edwina those that follow you get it! Wish others realized this, one Fab post is better than Jonesing for 3-5 post a week of emptiness … Ijs

    Thanks Edwina! You Always make our day Better! Be Well, keep Warm and Have a Delightful Day! =D


    • 12/06/2014 / 12:49 AM

      Hi there. It’s so good to hear from u after this long hiatus. I’ve been trying to respond but my comment got deleted twice. Ugh!

      You’re making me blush with your compliments. So sweet of u 🙂 Can’t believe u still remember that 7 prayer story lol shocks me that u guys actually read what I write. Lol

      Quality over quantity is right 🙂 u always know just the right thing to say.
      Glad to be back & have u back. Hope u had a fab thanksgiving ?

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