“Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down”

Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (8)Happy new month darlings! Yes it is July and I am a May baby but better late than never… Here’s what I wore to the office on my birthday 🙂  I have never done one of these ‘balloon’ shoots before because well… no particular reason. I just never have. But there’s a first time for everything.

When I got to work that morning, I found that my girl Malita had balloons and a gift waiting at my desk. [I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before but not only is she my bestie / blog photographer, we are also coworkers. Cool, right? :)] That was so sweet and thoughtful of her so to say the least, my day was off to a good start. Shortly thereafter, a delivery came for me and to my surprise, my friends from out of state had flowers delivered for me. Before I could take in all this special treatment, I received a video of my 3 year old godson, singing happy birthday in the sweetest, most amazing, angelic voice at the end of which, he blew me a kiss. MY. HEART. MELTED! Needless to say, the floodgates of my eyes were overflowing by mid day and I just couldn’t contain myself.

Not to vent or anything, but I always get extra special treatment on my birthday but I don’t recall ever finding myself in tears due to overwhelming joy. I’m seriously becoming soooooooo much more emotional as the years go by. Am I alone in this or what? There has to be some research done on this matter. I digress… Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (7) Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (1) Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (2) Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (6)

I wore my H&M pencil skirt (zippered colorblock option) backwards because I wanted the zipper details to bring more visual interest to the look in the front rather than the back. I have actually been obsessed with front-split skirts lately so it was great to be able to adjust the zipper to my liking. My pastel top is also from H&M. An ALDO statement necklace and STEVE MADDEN ankle strap heels (similar on sale!) completed the look. Simple but I felt chic that day! Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (5) Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (4) Zippered pencil skirt + pastel button down (3)Though I have so much more to learn, I can proudly say that at 28, I have grown so much from the quiet, introverted little girl who moved to NY 10 years ago; and even if I am still nowhere near where I imagined I’d be at this age, I am pretty content with all my blessings and I have also learned to appreciate my trials. As Whitney Houston so eloquently put it “I didn’t know my own strength” until I was knee deep and had to fight to remain standing in many aspects of my life. 

I pray that the Lord will continue to guide me on this journey called life because I want my time on this planet to be impactful in the lives of everyone I encounter. To you all who showered me with so much love on my birthday and everyday I post on this blog and on social media – from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! 

Be blessed darlings! 

With love, 



  1. cheri406
    07/07/2015 / 12:05 AM

    Aug. 1, no need to count backwards thinking about subtracting 1,2 or maybe 5 years off … ah heck went and told ya already *our secret* ha ha 😉

    Be Safe and Have a Reinvigorating Week 😀

  2. cheri406
    07/02/2015 / 3:06 AM

    Happy New Month to you and for all your kind remarks!

    Hope you were able to get a replacement strap (yeah I have a good memory at times … like when I’m not half asleep) lol 🙂

    You make looking Fab/Glam so effortless … but then you are almost two years younger … not 30 yet but close … very close! Not this month anyhow 😉
    Hey just Happy for every year … still after this upcoming “B” day from then on will be 30+ unless I make it to my 70’s o.O

    Love B/W combo it never fails, cool necklace and your hair looks Great! Now I wanna a balloon … well I like balloons not as much as my Love of all things Chocolate, sweet, pretty or stylish … but balloons are fun *issues I know* 😉

    Be Safe n Well Edwina! Wishing you an Awesome New Month 😀

    • 07/05/2015 / 11:59 PM

      You really do have a good memory ’cause even I forgot to email Steve Madden about those straps. Lol I’ll definitely get to it one of these days.

      When’s your upcoming bday?! 😉 I must send best wishes on that day!

      Thanks for your kind words dear and may July treat you nicely! Xoxo ?

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