Motivation Monday | White lace dress

“Don’t die in the nest. Fly above storms and grow into who God created you to be. You were created to be in the air.” – T.D. Jakes

White lace dress - lwd (8)Happy Monday guys! New week – fresh start; another opportunity to learn something new, go somewhere you’ve never been, work on achieving a dream you’ve always wanted to make a reality… After attending the Billboard Hot 100 Festival at Jones Beach last night and being amazed at how gorgeous Nicki Minaj is & how flawless her performance was, my cousin and I indulged in a conversation about how some people are just plain lazy and others, although they’re willing to work, they sit back and expect opportunities to fall on their laps without making any effort. Sadly enough, such attitude can cause you to die in the nest, without ever knowing how to fly – and how tragic would that be?! That is one of the reasons why it is such a blessing to have people in your corner who will push you outside of your comfort zone and help propel you into greatness. 

Moral of the story: Surround yourself with “propellers” who won’t allow you to fall short of who you’re supposed to be but rather encourage you to spread your wings; but even if you don’t have a strong support system, you better be your own motivation and keep pushing until you fulfill your purpose and reach the great heights God intended for you to reach. Don’t let road blocks and storms along the way stop you from moving forward. Afterall, winners are not people who never fail, but rather people who never quit.


White lace dress - lwd (2)About the look: This dress is definitely one of my top favorites currently. It is so beautiful and such a show stopper that I plan to keep it in heavy rotation before summer’s end. I told myself that I wouldn’t wear it to work or church because the slip underneath is a little short but I rocked it to the office last week anyway. Can you blame me? There’s just something about all white outfits that make you feel simply… regal. 

I’m wearing: 
LULUS white lace dress // LULUS white high heel sandals // CHARLOTTE RUSSE clutch & earringsWhite lace dress - lwd (1) White lace dress - lwd (3) White lace dress - lwd (4) White lace dress - lwd (5) White lace dress - lwd (6) White lace dress - lwd (7)White lace dress - lwd (9) White lace dress - lwd (10) White lace dress - lwd (11)As always thank you for reading and supporting Versicolor Closet. Rest assured that the love you show me does not go unnoticed.

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    • 08/25/2015 / 7:16 AM

      Everyone should own a little lace number like this right?! Thanks so much my dear! 🙂

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