Discussion #3: 2015 highlights 

  As I write this, I am currently 35,000 feet up in the air as I head back to NY from a quick getaway in Georgia. I must admit, I’m very happy with the number of times I’ve gotten to travel this year from the Virgin Islands to Haiti, and even to a few states including Virginia, Delaware & Florida. Traveling more was at the top of my goals on my 2015 vision board so I’m glad to be a living testament that writing and speaking things into existence help bring them to fruition. 

This post won’t be my usual style post but rather a quick update to let you guys know what I’ve been up to and what were the highlights of this year that is coming to an end very soon. 

1. First and foremost, I would like to extend a big shout out to you, my loyal readers for sticking with me even through my most inconsistent year of blogging to date. (Valid excuse coming right up!). Earlier this month, Versicolor Closet turned 3! I seriously cannot believe that it’s been this long since I’ve started documenting my style. Even if I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like, rest assured that I still enjoy sharing my style evolution and part of my world with you just as much as day 1. Earlier in the year, I felt that I was in a never-ending creative rut and spent months away from the blog. In the latter part of the year, I am now dealing with computer issues which have kept me away from you guys some more but I am praying that 2016 will start out with a bang and that I will be more disciplined in maintaining a consistent posting schedule. 

2. I’m not sure if you guys are aware of the statistics butt is appalling how many Americans don’t own a passport or have never gotten on an airplane. I mean how can you not want to experience different cultures and all that makes our world great? There’s so much to see, to learn and to experience that it would be an absolute shame to remain in the same places and go through the motion of life as you know it without ever opening your mind to what is out there. 

My trip to the US Virgin Islands was certainly one of the highlights of this year. In case you missed my travel diaries, you can catch up on it here. I go to at least one vacation every year and I just got done planning & booking my next MAJOR getaway for 2016; I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Hint: Desert / Heat ? (All about my trip to Dubai here)

3. Two particularly exciting Christian experiences blew me away this year. One was the Chris Tomlin concert which was hands down, THE best concert I’ve ever been to. I knew almost all the songs and was over the moon listening to my favorite worshippers live! You could just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in that place. It was amazing! * Any Kari Jobe fans here?! 😉 Love her!

Secondly, the movie War room which I’ve talked about here, was simply life changing. The producers of this movie reminded me of one of my favorite verses (1 Cor. 10:31) that says, “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” What a wonderful reminder that I can use whatever I do – even my fashion blog – to give God some praise! That is why I always try to incorporate a positive message in every post. I hope that they resonate with you, inspire & uplift you as well. 

*Please feel free to share below how you’ve been able to give God glory through what you’ve done this year. I always enjoy reading your comments 🙂

4. Giving God glory is all fun and games when our prayers are answered and when things are going well in our lives but sometimes the devil attacks and heartaches cripple our lives and we wonder how in the world are we supposed to give God praise in those difficult moments. This past July, my Grandma’s death left me so devastated but through this trial, I was able to see God’s hand still present over my life. Things won’t always go as planned and smiles will turn to tears at some point in our lives but one thing is for sure, God will always be there to strengthen and lift us up. May we learn everyday to praise Him through our storms for He can change any situation for the better at any given time. 

5. Can you guys believe I didn’t know how to swim? (Hides face in shame ?) Earlier this year, I added swimming lessons on my list of things to do in 2015 and I must say I am thrilled to have scratched that off my mini bucket list. By no means am I a pro yet, but rest assured that I won’t just sit pretty by the pool next summer. Whoohoo! 

PS: Vision boards are awesome. It always helps to have a daily reminder of your goals. In case you’ve never created one, I encourage you to do so for both your short and long term goals. It’ll help keep you accountable, productive and motivated. 

Thank you guys for stopping by. Hopefully, your visit was pleasant & inspiring in some way or form. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016. May your dearest dreams come true and may your lives forever be filled with color 😉

Versicolorfully yours, 



  1. 01/05/2016 / 11:59 AM

    Awhhh this was so beautiful! It’s amazing to think how much you’ve done during the year when you take a moment to sit down and count it all one by one. This year will be a great year!!

    • 01/05/2016 / 12:29 PM

      It seriously is one of the major benefits of blogging. It’s like a life diary you can go back to from time to time 😉 it will be a great year indeed! Thanks love!

  2. cheri406
    12/26/2015 / 10:08 AM

    Hey Baby Girl I’ve been the Inconsistent one this year *palm face* Always read you via inbox but should have let you know someone was reading … Sorry 🙁

    Been so long don’t recall reading about your Grandmother … having my Mommy and Daddy pass ( I have come to look at it as a Transition ) b/c God has Promised Everlasting Life … whether at rest or in the Paradise of His Heavenly Kingdom They are Perfect for Eternity 🙂 Have a reason for believing they are there … I was wide awake watching TV a year after the Closest Soul to me passed and Suddenly the most Tranquil, Euphoric feeling came over me. Strange I didn’t hear her voice thru my ears it was inside me … she said either “Baby I’m Home or Baby I’m okay or Baby it’s okay” not sure which b/c it was such a Shock, but only she would have said it that way! That was it … feeling left as quickly as it appeared and I’m like you know you could stay or comeback and then I said Don’t get your dang self in trouble that would defeat the whole purpose =D LMBO Know it sounds Crazy but it’s a … True story to this day can’t explain it … so yeah I think they are in Heaven =D

    Edwina Thrilled you had some Awesome travel Experiences … wish had known you were in VA (must have missed that post too) have Family living in Alexandria and in the mountains aslo. Would have flown to Aggravate ya 😉 Well it’s no secret can’t keep my mouth closed 🙂 #truth LOL

    Girl, you are Always looking so Fab … I swear believe if you wore Dirt you’d still be Supa Gurl … know can’t even stand you tee hee 🙂

    Wishing you and the Family a belated Merry Christmas and know God will Bless ya with a Loving, Healthy, Joyful and Prosperous New Year! He Will Make a Way that all your Dreams, Hopes and Wishes come to Fruition … Keep the Faith and PUSH, PUSH and PUSH some more (Pray Until Something Happens) Nah I haven’t forgot 🙂

    Edwina Stay Safe, Happy and Well! Love ya my Beautiful, Sweet Sis =D
    Need to inbox you on FB next week … if don’t slip my mind o.O ttyl

    • 12/30/2015 / 7:32 PM

      I have certainly missed you around here lady! Glad to have you back 😉 Enjoyed your story – it’s definitely helpful in the healing process when our loved ones come reassure us that they’re ok on the other side. I have no doubt that grandma is cracking Jesus up in Heaven 😉

      A million thanks for all your wishes. Hope your Christmas was awesome as well and that 2016 will be kind to you. Grab life by the horns my dear and live colorfully 🙂

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