Lace dress + lace up heels

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” — Victor Hugo

Lace dress + lace up heels (2)

Every Sunday at church, the priest asks all couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries to step forward for special prayers & blessings. Usually, there are 2 or 3 couples who come to the altar on a weekly basis but yesterday, there were 7 couples celebrating anywhere from 3 to 57 years of marital union. It was the cutest thing to see that despite the struggles that come along with marriage, people find ways to work things out all in the name of love! <3

My fashion loving self also couldn’t help but to think that all these couples got married at a great time of year when it’s warm and mostly sunny which allows their guests to be fabulous without having to think about coats and scarves: Wedding season! Which brings me to this fabulous dress: Wedding guest perfection! It’s lace. It’s a pretty shade of blue. It fits well. It features an open back which goes hand in hand with sexy without doing too much in my opinion. It covers the knees which to me is synonymous with class. And did I mention it’s less than $50? Girl, if you don’t have this dress in your closet, you’re doing yourself a disservice! I wore it this summer to a friend’s graduation, to a baptism party, and during my trip to Haiti at Decameron resort. But if any of you want to invite me to your wedding, I’m ready! 🙂

Outfit details:

SHEIN Lace dress  // ZARA heels: (sold out) – similar here
Lace dress + lace up heels (3) Lace dress + lace up heels (4) Lace dress + lace up heels (5) Lace dress + lace up heels (6) Lace dress + lace up heels (7) Lace dress + lace up heels (8)

Thank you for reading. If you’re getting married, don’t forget to invite me! After all, we are internet cousins:)  

Versicolorfully yours,


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