Travel smart: 5 tips for packing light & effectively

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We all love the idea of traveling but many of us let so many parts of the process overwhelm us unnecessarily. Today, we are talking about the 5 things you can do to pack lightly yet effectively when traveling without forgetting anything and actually wearing everything you travel with. Let’s get started:

  1. Pack complete outfits

    Instead of throwing random items in your suitcase, how about starting by putting full looks together then packing them as such? By doing that, you avoid bringing a bunch of clothes that you won’t wear and you can also count how many outfits you will need based on the number of days and the kind of activities you’re planning on doing while you’re away. Another trick is to bring two or three bottoms (either jeans, denim shorts) and just rotate them by styling them with different tops. I also love packing dresses, rompers and jumpsuits when traveling as they are complete outfits all by themselves, not needing anything to pair with them.

  2. Purchase travel size toiletries

    This is a no brainer that is still worth mentioning. If you’re going on a weekend getaway, there’s no reason to travel with more than just a carry on. And if you’re not checking a bag, your liquids cannot be in a container bigger than 3.4 oz. You have the option of buying travel size toiletries or better yet, use clear plastic containers that you can pour your own products in and label them as well. Target has an affordable option here.

  3. Bring neutral shoes & accessories

    I have traveled with people who bring a separate carry-on bag simply for their shoes. Like girl, you do not need a different pair of shoes for every outfit. Carrying an extra bag is not only an inconvenience when rolling them around the airport but it’s also expensive as the days of free checked baggage are over on most airlines. Most of the times, we travel for just one week at a time so one pair of flats, one pair of sneakers and one pair of heels work out just fine for me. If you go with neutral colors, you can wear the same shoes with all your outfits. The same goes for your accessories. I’m a big fan of gold and rose gold jewelry and lately I’ve been loving Charming Charlie. They have affordable accessories that are trendy and elevate your looks with minimal effort. With that said, I suggest bringing a set of accessories you can wear in the day time and a few special pieces to elevate your evening looks. There’s really no need to carry around your entire collection of precious jewels.

  4. Protect your valuables

    If you’re traveling with valuables, you definitely want to protect them so stuffing breakable things in your shoes and placing them at the center of your luggage can help protect them. It also helps to place anything liquid in a plastic bag to avoid things spilling during transit. I have had liquids spill over my clothes during travel because I assumed that wrapping them in my clothes would be enough protection. Learn from my mistakes and use tape to wrap the top of your containers and also place them in plastic bags for double security. Lastly, when you arrive at your hotel, I suggest using the safe most hotels provide to ensure your valuables are protected even when you aren’t in the room.

  5. Choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle

    “I love ironing” said no one ever, especially not when on vacation. Items made of wool or knit would be ideal when packing but if you’re traveling during the hot summer months, cotton is your friend. It also helps to roll your clothes so that they remain wrinkle free when you reach your destination.

    I wore these shoes with every outfit during my trip to Puerto Rico.

Outfit details:
Shorts: H&M // Top: H&M (old) // Sheer duster: Mandee’s (old) // Shoes: INC International via MACY’S // Sunglasses: Sassy Jones Boutique // Rings: Charming Charlie

: Most people start packing the night before they travel and that can be a recipe for disaster. A week or two before your trip, do your laundry and start gathering the clothes you’re considering taking with you. If you’re packing at the last minute, you risk forgetting things or packing stuff that you won’t need so plan ahead and pack stress free!

That is it my fellow wanderlust. Which of these tips did you find more valuable? What stresses you out when it comes to traveling? Your feedback helps me to know what you guys are interested in reading and learning about so don’t hesitate to comment below and share your thoughts.

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    09/07/2017 / 11:42 PM

    Love this post. Very Helpful.

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