What if life was rigged in your favor?

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor” – Rumi

Have you ever read a quote that kept you in deep thought for a while? Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor! That’s good stuff right there. I started wondering what would change in my life if I adopted this mindset and I figured, truly believing this, would force me to act as if I knew without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what I attempt, it will work out and even if it doesn’t turn out how I expected it to, it would be an outcome that benefits me.

Can you think of how many opportunities we miss out on because of the narrative in our heads? This quote doesn’t imply that we should be living in a fantasy world, thinking that nothing will ever go wrong. That would be absolutely unrealistic however, we know that our thoughts shape our reality. If you’re applying for a job for instance, instead of thinking that you won’t get it because you have no experience, change the narrative in your head and think instead that what’s for you is for you and lack of experience cannot make you miss out on an opportunity. Even if it doesn’t work out, keep believing that there’s something even better out there for you.

By training your mind to think like this, you can definitely minimize your stress levels and because you have a positive outlook on life, things just naturally start working out in your favor. I challenge you to give this a try, and start thriving off of the fact that God rigged this life for you to win darling. Go out there and claim the victory that’s rightfully yours!

I wore this outfit for dinner in Puerto Rico back in August. To think that about a month later, the entire island would be devastated by Hurricane Maria is just unsettling. I pray that the Lord will continue to send help to this beautiful island and bless them abundantly and restore tenfold what they have lost. May the hospitals be reopened to care for the sick and hurt, may the nation’s leaders find ways to help restore hope to their land and may the basic necessities be made available to the people who have no food, shelter or water. In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Amen

About the look:

I simply paired this off-the-shoulder jumpsuit (available in black and burgundy) with my super comfy block heels, a choker and my favorite Alex & Ani bracelets. Outfits that are practical and comfortable always win in my book. The only downside to wearing this to dinner is that my stomach was protruding through it after I ate but that only means that I enjoyed my food to the fullest!

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