The idea of starting this blog birthed from my fascination with the fashion world and all that falls within its scope.  The word fashion itself entails way more than wearing trendy garments, expensive makeup and five inch heels: Fashion is an expression of personality traits, character, values, and everything one stands for.  Whatever those beliefs may be for you as an individual, they will be conveyed through your sense of style. Though, a bit timid at times, my jovial personality is loudly displayed by my kaleidoscopic wardrobe.

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Whether it is in the many shades of sunrise and sunsets in the horizon, in the peculiar sight of a rainbow, or that of butterflies resting on a blossoming spring flower, I find beauty in all my surroundings. All colorful things inspire me and I am a firm believer that anything inspiring should be shared. That is why I started the blog VersiColor Closet (Versicolor meaning “changeable in color”) as a way to share my multi-colored perspective on life.

I once read that “It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run.” With this blog, I hope to run freely and to break free from all “fashion rules” along the way. I hope to inspire my readers to add a little color to their wardrobes and their lives, to allow change to help them grow, whether it is good or bad, to change and to be changed for the better, to be CHANGEABLE IN COLOR and reach the VersiColor skies!

Keep in mind that unshared knowledge is worthless so don’t just be inspired alone… If something on this blog resonates with you, kindly share it with your friends and loved ones. Let’s all live colorfully!

Thank you for visiting my blog! 

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