“Casual chic Mondays!”

Hey guys!

I have been excited and nervous for the blog’s launch. The countdown is almost over as the day has arrived and I cannot wait to finally begin my journey 🙂


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“Leopard & stripes”

I was so happy to see the print mixing trend take off these past few seasons. Growing up, I was always told that I cannot wear various patterns together and until a year ago, I never strayed from that concept. As much as it can show off one’s sense of style, print mixing can easily become a fashion faux-pas if not done correctly.


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“Incorporating summer pieces into fall wardrobe”

Summer has always been the time of the year where bright colors are displayed, not only in nature but also in the clothes we wear. The skies are clear and blue; flowers adorn our gardens with a myriad of shades, rainbow-colored bathing suits and clothes hit all store racks and trends like color-blocking thrive. But…Sigh! That time of year is gone for now so it’s time to stow away those short and miniskirts (or not!) and bring out the sweaters, coats and scarves. Just as summer flew by in the blank of an eye, fall will be replaced by winter in no time. This is bad news for a Caribbean girl like me who grew up, in what I like to call “365 days of summer.”

At any rate, all hope isn’t lost. I’ve come up with a few ways to incorporate summer pieces in your fall looks by just adding a few extra items to help keep warm on breezy days and nights.

Look 1: Summer dress

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