“Look for less inspired by Lala”

“It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.” –¬†Margaret Thatcher

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“Colorblocking: Fuchsia & Orange”

“Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.” –¬†Charles Stanley

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“Green dress: From summer to fall”

“I boldly confess that discouragement has no place in me. God’s word is true; the devil is a liar and my circumstances aren’t permanent. With God’s power, I will rise above the situations I face today. I decide. I declare it and I pronounce it to be true. I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name.” – Joel Osteen


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“Pastels & whites”

“Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.” –¬†Christopher Morley

Hello everyone,

I have been gone for so long so it’s safe to say that you guys miss me; come on! Admit it. Lol!

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