How I stayed 7 nights in Dubai for less than $250!

As everyone is gearing up for the new year, traveling more is – year after year -one of those resolutions (like going to the gym) that sounds good in theory but that can also be hard to bring to pass. I am by no means a travel expert but over the past decade, I not only traveled within the states but I’ve also visited about 10 islands, traveled to Aruba in 2014, the Virgin Islands in 2015 and more recently to Haiti and Dubai this year. As we speak, I am planning my travels for 2017 and thought I’d share with you guys some tips to help you achieve your travel goals without breaking the bank. I’ll leave the gym pep talk to the professionals but here are my tips for making your wanderlust dreams a reality so you can sit pretty like this in Dubai or anywhere else you choose 🙂

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