How your outerwear can change your whole look!


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6 ways to style a jumpsuit | My jumpsuit collection

Many women have a love / hate relationship with jumpsuits for the simple fact that although they look fabulous but they prove to be an inconvenience when it’s time to use the ladies’ room. Though I understand the struggle, I don’t think it’s a strong enough reason never to wear one. So today I’m sharing with you guys my jumpsuit collection featuring 6 jumpsuits I’ve worn over the years. 


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Fall lookbook: Tips for styling pencil skirts for the office


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Printed wide leg pants + red suede pumps | Discernment in friendship

dis·cern·ment – diˈsərnmənt/ – noun
the ability to judge well.


My mom always told me that some people come to your life for a season and others for a lifetime. But learning to differentiate between the two can be the result of terrible backstabbing experiences and other lessons learned the hard way so to prevent such unnecessary pains, I figured I’d share 3 ways you can differentiate fake friends vs. real friends.
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Mixing prints | Waiting actively

Floral blazer & Striped trousers (4)

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Chevron pencil skirt & fitted sweater

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.” – Janine di Giovanni

Chevron pencil skirt (7)

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February Lookbook

It goes without saying that a new month is a perfect time to start fresh and since we’re still in the first half of the year, it’s a not a bad idea to look back at the resolutions and goals you set to achieve this calendar year and monitor your progress. February was a diverse month here in my Versicolor world from rocking a maxi dress, to faux fur, and distressed denim and discussing topics like successful fasting (Lent season), tips for financial health (Tax season) and the art of friendship (All seasons). Considering the fact that it was unseasonably warm, I took full advantage of the weather and of course infused color in most of my looks. In case you missed any of my outfit posts, here is a recap of February’s style diary. Feel free to click on the post titles for outfit details and the full original post. February lookbook

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Blush trousers & blouse | Tips for successful fasting

The philosophy of fasting calls upon us to know ourselves, to master ourselves, and to discipline ourselves the better to free ourselves. To fast is to identify our dependencies, and free ourselves from them. – Tariq Ramadan

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Olive pleather skirt + Olive wool coat

“Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to build yourself the way you wish you had been all along.” – Rae Smith

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“Red midi dress”

“As you start your day, be thankful for every little thing in your life. You will come to realize how truly blessed you are.”

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“Work uniform: styling a pencil skirt”

Godmom & godson
Every once in a while, my adorable godson has to make an appearance on the blog. He’s always behind the scenes with me when I’m shooting & tells me I look beautiful with every look. Melts my heart:) He’s my biggest little fan!
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“White power suit”

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt