1. 03/17/2014 / 7:30 PM

    Nick is right. The technique on your video does not work for jQuery Mobile. You need to ehteir take this video down or redo it.To make admob work, you need to use Admob’s manual mode and invoke the ad rendering on each pageshow event.Here is what I used to make it work var admob_vars = { pubid: xxx’, bgcolor: FF9119 , text: FFFFFF’, ama: false, test: false, manual_mode: true};var fnFoo = function(){ var ad = $( #admob_ad’,this)[0]; if (typeof ad != undefined’) { ad.innerHTML = ; _admob.fetchAd(ad); } $( div[data-role=page] ).die( pageshow’, fnFoo);};$( div[data-role=page] ).live( pageshow’, fnFoo);

  2. 10/14/2013 / 5:53 PM

    None can doubt the veracity of this article.

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