How to style a leather jacket for work

“But dear, don’t be afraid of love it’s only magic.” ― Robert M. Drake


If there is one classic item everyone should have in their closet no matter their style, it is the leather jacket (faux or real). Decades after decades, they have proven to be a reliable, stylish and versatile item that can be layered over your sweatsuit on the way to the gym, over a feminine dress to give it some edge, and even over your professional attire to walk through your office doors in style as seen in this look! A look like this would typically be completed with a blazer but I absolutely love the edgy vibe of the faux leather jacket. The variety in textures provides dimension to the look and more personality. I also decided to wrap the belt that came with my shirt around my neck as a chocker. Creative right? 🙂

Real leather jackets always come at a hefty price, but since I’m the captain of the frugalista movement, I’m bringing you an affordable alternative that costs less than $50! Click HERE and shop away GUILT FREE! Tweet that if you’re with me:)

Style tips:

  • When shopping for fall pieces, especially jackets, be sure to size up a bit to allow room for layering.
  • Experiment with layering multiple jacket styles for an unexpected look. For instance, you can wear a leather jacket underneath a sleeveless coat or as seen in this look, you can wear a long sleeve patterned jacket underneath your leather jacket. The possibilities are endless. Just shop your closet and surprise yourself!
  • When shopping for leather jackets, don’t limit yourself to black ones. Nowadays they come in an array of colors so that you can be bold and colorful even in the dead of winter.  

Outfit details:
ROMWE top (c/o) // MAKE ME CHIC faux leather jacket (c/o) // ZARA wide leg trousers // H&M purse

how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-2 how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-3 how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-4how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-8 how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-5 how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-6 how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-7
how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-10 how-to-style-a-faux-leather-jacket-11

I absolutely love this look and how the photos turned out. I hope you enjoyed the tips. If you think of other ones, be sure to let me know below and keep the conversation going. Until next time, be bold, be fabulous, be Versicolorful.

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