How your outerwear can change your whole look!


Good morning world!

After this nerve-wrecking presidential election last night, it goes without saying that life as we knew it in the US will never be the same. Let’s brace ourselves and pray that World War III doesn’t come to pass in our near future or ever! Since my blog is the outlet I use to promote living colorfully and positively, it’ll be business as usual in  this space! With that said, let’s talk fashion!

If this outfit looks very familiar, it’s because I featured it last week with a flowy blazer. I wanted to show you guys how your choice of accessories or outerwear in this case can changeup a look completely. While the first look was a bit on the girly side, by simply swapping the blazer for the jacket, I ended up with an edgy style where girly meets rocker chic! Dare to never wear the same outfit the same way, but if you must, swap out your accessories, shoes or outerwear and slay in a fresh new way.

Outfit details:
Sweater: ZARA (similar here) // Skirt: Gift (similar here) // Gladiator heels: ZARA (love these) // Faux leather jacketMAKE ME CHIC  (c/o)

skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-2skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-14 skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-3 skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-4skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-15 skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-5 skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-6skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-12 skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-7skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-10 skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-9skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-11skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-13skater-skirt-faux-leather-jacket-gladiator-heels-16

Thank you for stopping! I hope you enjoyed this look and remember, chin up beauties!

Versicolorfully yours,


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