“Monochromatic pairings”

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” – Oprah Winfrey

White wide leg pants + black crop top (11)

White wide leg pants + black crop top (2) White wide leg pants + black crop top (3) White wide leg pants + black crop top (4) White wide leg pants + black crop top (5) White wide leg pants + black crop top (6) White wide leg pants + black crop top (7) White wide leg pants + black crop top (9)

White wide leg pants + black crop top (8) White wide leg pants + black crop top (10)

White wide leg pants + black crop top (1) White wide leg pants + black crop top (12)Outfit details: Necessary clothing crop top // Wide leg trousers from local boutique – similar // Zara heels – similar // Charlotte Russe clutch // Primadonna earrings // Michael Kors watch

Toodles beauties!
I would have never thought friendships could be made from social media, nonetheless Instagram. I mean, we live in a world where you have to constantly worry about your safety; so meeting up with strangers who are nothing but virtual acquaintances, is probably a risky thing to do especially because people can pretend to be whatever and whoever they want on the world wide web. But guess what? The same thing happens with those you meet in real life. I know firsthand what it’s like to get to know and trust someone who puts up a front for years on out. How can someone pretend to be someone they aren’t? I could never understand it. It’s so much easier to just be yourself but that’s a conversation for another day… One thing for sure is that the ugly truth always peeps its pretty head in due time! Excuse the oxymoron.
On social media, once you follow each other, build a virtual relationship, exchange a few emails and contact info, you end up breaking the ice way before you meet and chatting becomes that much easier especially for a shy one like me.

I have met and am continuing to meet fellow bloggers and other fashion lovers I probably would have never bumped into otherwise in real life and I’m loving it. These virtual friendships can definitely blossom into real life relationships that may pass the test of time or even business opportunities. Who knows? 

This past Saturday, I attended the birthday celebration of a fabulous fashionista I connected with from Instagram a few months ago after we realized we had a mutual friend. We had a blast! I initially intended to wear a simple white midi dress, but after realizing I got makeup all over it, (Oh! the joy of wearing white) I quickly switched to this pair of wide leg trousers (previously seen here) and paired it with a simple black crop top (previously featured here). Funny story: The birthday girl asked all her friends to wear black and white as she was wearing all red for the dinner. Apparently, she forgot to tell me and coincidentally enough, my photographer & BFF Malita of Maliny Collections and I both wore black and white and ended up ‘following’ the dress code unbeknownst to us. It was hilarious! More proof that you can never ever go wrong with a classic monochromatic pairing 🙂

White wide leg pants + black crop top (13)Photos: Maliny collections

Have any of you initiated friendships or business relationships from social media? http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54492-208-2BE9EA5910352CB0FC7DC23983761947


  1. cheri406
    07/25/2014 / 5:24 AM

    Been there! It’s Scary that Weirdos can be so smart, deceiving and just how far they will go! Gives me Shivers! I’ve been Stalked, took for $1,500, had email, IG, Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked! I gave up on twitter, haven’t been on facebook in over a year and only have 2 email addresses that have been Professionally Secured by a friend in IT!

    Sorry for your Hideous Experience! Hope/know everything has/will work out Well for ya! Keep the Faith and use your Common Sense, Intelligence over you Enormous Heart! 😉

    Always wondered who done your photography! @ Maliny Great Work! Especially considering who you have to work with! 🙂 Just kidding Edwina!

    My luck I would have worn Red! o_O B/r and white are my go to colors when in doubt!

    Glad all went well and as always you looked Glam! Can’t believe you wore those new Zara heels in the grass and they came out spotless … and yep I wear white food, makeup and Dirt just finds me! White pullovers are the worst in my case, unless it’s strappy or low cut! o_O

    Finally caught up!

    Be Safe n Well! Have a Great n Blessed Day! 🙂

    • 07/29/2014 / 2:47 PM

      It’s sad that there are so many deceitful people in the world but we will continue to pray for their salvation…

      You’re so silly! Lol! Malita has no choice but to work with me. She loves me. Lol

      Definitely had to walk on my toes in the grass. It’s always a struggle not to get my heels dirty or scratched. Lol thanks for stopping by doll. Be well 🙂

  2. 07/23/2014 / 2:46 PM

    You can never go wrong with black and white, how funny that you both adhered to the dress code without being informed, your white pants are amazing by the way.

  3. 07/23/2014 / 9:16 AM

    I cannot believe how we ended up wearing the colors for the event! It was just too funny! LOL. And yes, you never know what friendships can blossom from social media – definitely taking advantage of the positive and weeding out the negative :-).

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